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Среда, 22 Февраль 2012

Модели для Poser - V4 Elite Bundle 

Модели для Poser - V4 Elite Bundle | 578 MB

Release Info
Unprecedented Engineering, Unparalleled Realism

Contains five products worth over $150 for one low price.

Bundle up with Amy, Maya, and Lana – yes, all three of our new Elite textures. After all, each separately cannot give you everything you need. Whether it's Amy's freckles, or Maya's olive skin or Lana's supple lips, they all have something you want.

We've also developed three new morphs: Sylph - who is very slender, Utopian - who is the more athletic type, and Fantasia – who is a full-figured gal. Whether you want to get your character ready for the fashion runway, have her playing volleyball on the beach, or give her some healthy girth, these new morphs provide a full plethora of possibilities.


And last but not least, check out the 41 Life Poses we've created for Victoria 4.2 and Aiko 4. Choose from more dynamic poses to more relaxed ones and everything in between.

Remember that each Elite Skin Texture is wholly original and 100% unique from any other texture set on the market anywhere. This is truly revolutionary. Oh, and did we mention realism? It's almost like taking a real photo of a woman and making her move any way you'd like. This really is where 3D meets reality.

". . . The photos are gorgeous, the lighting is even, the shadows minimal and very detailed right down to a single strand of hair on the upper lip . . . Like the other texture artists here, we know we worked hard on a texture and put all our inspiration and creativity to make it just perfect." - Jeni Morris

These products are optimized for use within Carrara, DAZ Studio, and Poser.
V4 Elite Bundle
V4 Elite Texture: Maya
V4 Elite Texture: Amy
V4 Elite Texture: Lana
V4 Elite Life Poses
V4 Elite Body Shapes


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