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Среда, 06 Январь 2010
Introduction to Modeling in 3ds Max
A complete guide to learning modeling tools in 3ds Max

Software: 3ds Max 2009 and up
Run Time: 3 hrs. 54 min., 2 discs
Availability: Ships next business day

Learn a fundamental workflow to Polygon, NURBS, and Splined-based modeling and time-saving techniques to creatively utilizing the robust tools available in 3ds Max. Contains nearly 4 hours of self-paced training for artists new to modeling in 3ds Max and experienced artists seeking a refresher.

Lesson Outline:

1. Working with polygons 7:15
2. Working with NURBS 5:28
3. Working with smoothing and subdivision surfaces 6:22
4. Working with splines and patches 7:02
5. Project overview and interface setup 3:12
6. Adding viewport background images 3:08
7. Setting up a layer scale template 3:47
8. Building pivot geometry with primitives 6:28
9. Adding resolution to the pivot 6:04
10. Building a full section from the pivot geometry 10:50
11. Creating caps from the full section 7:38
12. Modeling the saw 8:50
13. Building the screwdriver 8:16
14. Finishing the saw layer 13:35
15. Modeling the magnifying glass 12:33
16. Building the small knife 7:45
17. Finishing the magnifying glass layer 5:54
18. Modeling the bottle opener 9:24
19. Finishing the bottle opener layer 9:32
20. Building the corkscrew 13:56
21. Starting the scissors 10:28
22. Finishing the scissors layer 8:22
23. Creating the large knife blade 9:29
24. Adding an indentation and hilt to the large blade 6:35
25. Finishing the large knife blade layer 13:27
26. Assembling the parts of the knife 8:43
27. Building the chain connector 4:54
28. Modeling the chain 7:42
29. Adding the key ring 4:32
Total Run Time: 3:53:56

Формат файла: 7-Zip
Общий размер файлов: 840.84 МБ
Item #: MXB-1068
Software Requirement: 3ds Max 2009 and up
Run Time: 3 hrs. 54 min., 2 discs
Format: CD-ROM
Platform: Mac / PC
Availability: Ships next business day
Weight: 0.30 lbs







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